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My stress level is unmanageable, I’m too overwhelmed to go for what I really want or I’ve tried before and failed?

How I help

Body-Informed Resiliency
What is happiness and purpose worth to you? What if in only a few days you could reset the emotional and mental trajectory for your entire life? Body-Informed Resiliency makes it possible to gain more peace, satisfaction, and confidence by regulating your autonomic nervous system.  This course will teach you how to master resiliency to all of life’s challenges by engaging and utilizing your body. 

Chanting for Stress Reduction

Have you ever wanted a quick way to slow down, feel better, and create the life you want? Chanting for Stress Reduction might *sound* like a funny name for basically using your voice to do this. But in Sounding 101, you use your voice to make sounds that quickly move your from frazzled to clear, give you a system reboot, PLUS a whole lot more. Sounding helps balance each chakra and makes you feel better instantly. From this state, it’s easier to plan for and reach your goals.

Bad Day Turnaround

The course is designed especially for you. In it, you’ll learn easy and pleasurable techniques to help you quickly turnaround your bad mood and day. Choose from the Movement, Self-soothe, or HUMOR modules. And learn how to befriend your mood, mind, and even the day itself. This work is subtle and powerful. You may not feel 100% better, but you will at least feel 10% better and this small shift makes a world of difference.

One-on-One Coaching

Reduce Stress and Achieve Your Goals

I will guide you through a framework to take intentional steps to discover your joy, reduce your stress and reach your goals. Together, these elements create a beautiful life where fulfilment is possible.

Techniques we can explore:

Stress Reduction

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Ventral Vagus Nerve Activation
  • Body Informed Resiliency (BIR)


  • SMART Goals and Energy Management
  • Action Plan Creation
  • Time Management

Purpose Reconnection

  • Right Brain Writing
  • Affirmation and Gratitude
  • Humor, Fun and Movement

I will be your trusted partner in creating a life that excites and supports your individual approach and journey.

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Reduce stress

Be more productive and reach your goals

Reconnect to your purpose

Your Stress Management Coach

I’m Marie Young, a stress reduction and productivity coach. I will teach you simple techniques to ease your stress, set measurable and manageable goals, and reconnect with your purpose.

I provide a safe and confidential platform for you to be vulnerable and feel heard, validated, and respected. 

I encourage exploration around blockages and sounding board for your ideas and projects. I will help you find the process that works best for you and provide support and motivation towards your growth.

I’m here to help

Break through limitations with courses and one-on-one coaching

Reduce Stress and Achieve Your Goals

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What Others Have Said

“Marie is truly engaged and interested in you and offers great insight without being judgmental. Through Marie’s guidance, I was reminded of a few things about myself that had been put on the back burner and realized that what often takes most of my daily energy wasn’t represented at all. I was also able to understand my role with others in the world, which is vital for my continued growth. Doing this with Marie, and a group, allows confidence and validation in your thoughts and process.”

Karen J. Business Owner

“Marie is very insightful and articulate in creating a workable dialogue that aids in creating achievable “mini” objectives that help keep energy positive and productive.”

Andrea O. Creator AOM Voice Method

“I felt a great sense of peace after working with Marie. She taught me how to work from that place to meet my goals.”

Allison B. High-Tech Professional

Companies I’ve Worked With

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